Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass? New Info 2022

Nectar mattress for snoring

You’ve probably heard of Nectar mattress. Since around 2017, they have taken the mattress world by storm, to become one of the best selling mattress brands of all time. One of the most popular questions that seem to arise, is does Nectar mattress have fiberglass.   Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass? Nectar mattress does contain … Read more

Choosing The Best Bamboo Mattress – Ultimate Buyers Guide


What is the best bamboo mattress? And are they worth it or should you go with memory foam hybrid, gel, hybrid, and spring models? You’ll agree with me Organic mattresses are becoming more popular. This is because of their Eco-friendliness.Unlike the memory foam and other synthetic types manufactured using non-renewable raw materials, bamboo mattresses are … Read more

How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

Wondering how to raise an air mattress off the floor? This is among the most frequently asked questions regarding an air mattress that people ask when they go to camp or wish to provide a true mattress-like experience to their guests. The air mattress being lifted off the floor does not just protect it from … Read more

How To Clean A Purple Mattress

How To Clean A Purple Mattress

In this article we go over how to clean a Purple mattress. A mattress is a huge investment. It’s a significant piece of furniture that you’ll probably keep for the coming 8-10 years. If you’re spending seven hours per night  sitting, lying or sleeping on your Purple mattress, it’s likely to become dirty. There are ways … Read more

How To Clean A Pack N Play Mattress

How To Clean A Pack n Play Mattress

Wanting to know how to clean a Pack n Play mattress? We can help. If you’re a new parent, you’ll find that a pack n play is a must-have item. It is very handy to have in the home and while you travel. Pack n play is a device used to provide babies and young … Read more

How To Clean A Futon Mattress

How To Clean A Futon Mattress

Are you wondering how to clean a futon mattress? A futon mattress should be treated just like any other mattress to prolong its life expectancy. To protect your futon mattress from dirt, dust, spills, stains and mold, regular cleaning is important. To clean a futon mattress, there are a few steps you need to follow. … Read more

How To Fix A Sagging Mattress With Plywood

How to fix a sagging mattress with plywood

Want to know how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood? We’ll show you how in 3 steps. A sagging mattress is a problem that can affect the quality of your sleep, as well as your health. If you’re looking for a solution, you can use plywood under your mattress as a temporary fix. Plywood … Read more

What Size Mattress Fits In A Truck Bed?

What Size Mattress Fits In A Truck Bed

If you’re wanting the short answer to what size mattress fits in a truck bed, the answer is twin size. Twin size is the only size mattress that will actually lay flat between the wheel wells in the bed of your truck. That’s not to say you can’t make other options work. Say you want … Read more

Does An Air Mattress Have A Weight Limit?


An air mattress typically has a weight limit of around 300 pounds. If you are heavier than that, you may want to opt for one of the heavier models on the market. This is a great option if you plan to take your mattress on vacation with you or if you’re a frequent traveler. There … Read more

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