How Long Can Memory Foam Stay In A Box?


The process of ordering a fresh memory foam mattress adds a new dimension of excitement and anticipation. If you’ve recently relocated and are bringing in new furniture, it’s probably because you have also looked into an upgrade to your mattress. It’s no secret that many can easily fall in love with the hugging and contouring … Read more

Why Do Mattresses Cost So Much?

Why Do Mattresses Cost So Much?

If you’ve got a spring that is causing pain in your back or your mattress giving discomfort It could be the right time to look for the best mattress. Mattresses are a must-have purchase.You’ll spend more time sleeping than any other place within your home over the course of one week.A new mattress could be … Read more

Can Memory Foam Hurt Your Back?

Can Memory Foam Hurt Your Back

In terms of physical and mental well-being, a few things will benefit you more than getting a good night’s rest. It is important to ensure you’re at ease all night long However, there aren’t all mattresses that provide the same feeling. This is why a lot of people are turning to different types of mattresses … Read more

Are Latex Mattresses Toxic?


Latex mattresses are not inherently toxic but are vulnerable to off-gassing. What Is Off-Gassing? Off-gassing is the release of gases from a product that can potentially cause a reaction with your body. For example, if you breathe in vapours of latex and an allergic reaction occurs, the latex could potentially trigger a serious response. Most … Read more

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